Day: March 3, 2020

India and USA — Twin Flame nations

Jaspal Soni India and USA are two nations sponsored by the Great White Brotherhood. “White”, of course, refers to the aura of light, and not the race. India and the US are identified by the Ascended Masters as the Twin Flame nations ordained for a mighty cosmic purpose for these times. The nation of America […]Read More

‘Panja is a non-violent way of testing one’s strength’

In an interview with, actor PREETI JHANGIANI tells Saurabh Tankha as to how she and her actor-husband PARVIN DABBAS went about organising the first-ever Pro Panja League “Panja ladayega? (ready for arm wrestling?)” — the image of yesteryear comedienne Tuntun sitting on a cot and posing this question to tragedy king Dilip Kumar is still as […]Read More