India and USA — Twin Flame nations

 India and USA — Twin Flame nations

Jaspal Soni

India and USA are two nations sponsored by the Great White Brotherhood. “White”, of course, refers to the aura of light, and not the race. India and the US are identified by the Ascended Masters as the Twin Flame nations ordained for a mighty cosmic purpose for these times. The nation of America is charged to demonstrate the masculine polarity (as Uncle Sam) for the earth and the nation of India is charged to out-picture the feminine polarity (as Mother India).  

Travelling down the memory lane
After achieving Independence from the British in 1947, India was called a Third World country for a long time. Her global political image was not very favourable and the political relations between India and America were also not very cordial. Although, since 1947, six US Presidents have visited India and eight Indian Prime Ministers have been to the US, the warming up of mutual relationships did not occur until May 1994 when Indian Prime Minister Narashima Rao visited the US and met President Bill Clinton in the White House. Nearly 25 years later, people are beginning to notice the results of the growing friendship between these two nations.

New cycle for India-America friendship
September 22, 2019 will be remembered as a memorable day in history books. On this day, over 50,000 Indians living in Houston, Texas organised a “Howdy Modi,” rally in the NRG Stadium to honour Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The US President Donald Trump was also in attendance. It was for the first time in recent history when leaders of the two largest and ancient democracies addressed a joint rally. Both Modi and Trump spoke warmly about this growing relationship between India and America.

The friendship between the two countries took a giant leap forward on February 24 and 25, 2020 when their leaders met again before more than 120,000 people gathered at the Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad and spoke highly about cementing this relationship through ‘strategic and natural partnership.”

A spiritual perspective
The Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood through their Messengers Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet of the Summit Lighthouse, a new age spiritual organisation founded in 1958 in the USA, have given a body of teachings about  the spiritual connection between India and America.
Below are three brief quotations from the Ascended Master Saint Germain who is also known as the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age.          

(1) Each nation has a divine plan of its own to fulfill and, according to their divine destinies, the various nations of the world represent the various parts of the earth’s body. Therefore, in the new age, the land of India shall represent the ― head ‖ of such an ― earth body ‖ and the land of America the ― heart. ‖ Take notice, please, that the name ― India ‖ begins with the letter ― I‖ and ― America ‖ with ―Am. ‖ Is this not significant? (Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 2, No. 20, May 22, 1959).

(2) For India is actually the very soul opposite of the United States. India and America are two of the greatest nations in the entire world. Although mankind are not aware of it where India is concerned, the Ascended Masters are. We say to you that all of the problems that America has at present, all of the distress that America questionably enjoys can be brought to an end if we could only reach mankind with those messages of clarification which the cosmic law requires.  (Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 20, No. 33, August 14, 1977)

(3) Therefore, we here in Darjeeling highly resolve that this nation under God shall survive as the Union of the I AM Race — that this nation America, that this nation India shall remain under the protection of the Great White Brotherhood as long as freedom fighters in embodiment will keep that flame for the defense of these two nations as the polarity of the planet. (Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 26, No. 50, December 11, 1983)

Alchemists of the spirit
As alchemists of the Spirit, we, the students of the Ascended Masters, can play a significant role to accelerate the strategic partnership between the twin-flame nations by visualizing in our mind’s eye, the map of India superimposed over the map of the United States and by chanting the following short mantra:
By the power of three-times-three,
America, India, and all are free!

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