Day: March 8, 2020

For radiant skin, use honey

Moisture is the skin’s basic requirement. It keeps the skin soft, healthy and radiant. The skin loses moisture to the environment, when humidity is low. Exposure to the sun, over a period of time, also lowers the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Even chlorinated water depletes moisture and cause dryness. The texture can also become […]Read More

Admission24’s new app to make quality education in India more

To make admission time simpler and more exciting for students as well as parents, online education hub, Admission24, recently announced the launch of its new mobile app. Encouraging the idea of quality education across nooks and corners of the country, the mobile app has been designed to create extensive awareness on every significant factor that […]Read More

Free tarot readings for you

Happy Sunday my beautiful people 🌸 🌷Gather yourself in your heart centre and choose one or more image that you are drawn towards. 🌷You may opt for a GENERAL GUIDANCE or think about a particular SITUATION while choosing your image/s. 🍃ANSWERS WILL BE REVEALED TOMORROW🍃 Loving vibes💕💫 Pooja A Bhandari Image source-internetRead More

सुहाग चिन्ह

सुहाग के सारे चिन्ह ज़रूरत से ज़्यादा स्पष्ट रूप में लगाए हुए, अजब-गजब इश्टाइल में फोटो खिंचवाती, सोशल मीडिया पर पोस्ट करती चालीस-पैंतालीस के पार की स्त्री जब अपने पति के एगोइस्ट, माँ के एप्रन से बंधे हुए, सिर्फ खुद के कैरियर पर ध्यान देने वाले मोरोन जिसको मेरी-मेरी इच्छाओं की परवाह नहीं के दुखड़े […]Read More