Admission24’s new app to make quality education in India more accessible

 Admission24’s new app to make quality education in India more accessible

To make admission time simpler and more exciting for students as well as parents, online education hub, Admission24, recently announced the launch of its new mobile app.
Encouraging the idea of quality education across nooks and corners of the country, the mobile app has been designed to create extensive awareness on every significant factor that helps students to set up the right foundation of their promising career.
User-friendly in nature the app is available on both Android and iOS, which lets users search key insights on the nation’s best educational institutions, from kindergarten to universities. One of its interesting features is its Comparison Tool that provides an opportunity to students or parents evaluating and assessing all potential study avenues available such as colleges, schools, vocational courses, etc. for them to have the best-desired start of their career.
The app also offers post-admission convenience to parents and students. For instance, it further helps students prepare for higher studies, where the students can easily access sample papers from previous years and gain various insights on important entrance exams, segregated extensively course-wise.

The app is one of the most convenient sources of engagement for parents with schools. Now, parents can avail all the services of educational institutions such as paying fees, accessing online study materials for their kids, along with live tracking feature where they can monitor and manage the performance of their kids by getting a real-time update on Home Works, Assignments, etc. Moreover, with its Live Chat feature, the app helps schools to easily track the inquiries and sort the queries of parents and students, pertaining to different aspects in no time.
Speaking on the launch Admission24 CEO & Founder Abhinav Sekhri, said, “We are very excited to launch the 1st app that is all set to transform the education sector in India. The Indian education space is burgeoning with a wide range of leading and emerging educational institutions. However, scouting relevant information and functional details about each one of these still continue to be an uphill task for students and their parents. Admission24 would like to put an end to this shortcoming with an all-round app that is designed to be a one-stop destination for all information on education.”
“To stay prepared for the future of education, the sector in India needs a major upheaval today. And we are glad that Admission24 aims to be ushering  the access of quality education, simplified and made available for the masses with seamless digital technology,” he further added.
Admission24’s new app is thus a platform that has the best of interests for both students and institutions in the plan. With its launch announced, a quick adoption by users and steady growth expected next, the Indian education industry has a lot to benefit from this platform.


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