Stay calm and positive to ward off Coronavirus

 Stay calm and positive to ward off Coronavirus

Saurabh Tankha

While scientists are trying to find out a cure for COVID-19 that has gripped the entire humanity, spiritualists are advising people to remain calm and positive, whatever be the situation. And amid the insanity, it is astrologers who are stating that there is no need to fear as the virus’ intensity is already on the decline.

“The intensity of the negative effects of virus began declining yesterday, the day when Mars entered the nakshatra, Uttarashada. March 24 onwards, when Mars will finally leave Jupiter (the eighth house of India where Ketu, the infectious virus is positioned), the virus will start to disappear. Jupiter, the guru of Ketu, will be able to handle the virus then on,” says Celestial Vastu expert Parvinder Singh, adding the spread of virus will stop after March 25.
Explaining further, Singh says in all likelihood Coronavirus might have been generated by the reactions of atoms in the Corona belt of the sun during the December 2019 eclipse in the solar system belt and planet earth and it can or may be erased or vanish during the next eclipse around June 2020. “Spiritually speaking, Corona is Crown Chakra and connected to a light source, either with the physical sun we see in our solar system or the great central sun. To my understanding, the virus has been released by the fallen ones and has affected the earth’s belt and all living consciousness,” he says.

We spoke to a few more spiritualists to understand ways and means of dealing with the current chaotic situation:

Major (Retd) Dalbir Singh, Founder, Institute Of Self Empowerment
Always keep your mind relaxed and peaceful as such a state helps boost the immunity levels. When you panic, the immunity level goes down. So, you must remain happy and must not let negative thoughts collect in your mind. Also, what we think, we attract. If we think negative, negative things will happen. So, it is very important that in these times when corona virus has become pandemic, we must not be afraid of it – if we keep thinking of corona virus, it will keep growing.
The fear will also reduce your body’s immunity. So don’t be afraid. Remain peaceful. Also keep some time for meditation, it will help calm your mind. Just take things as they come. And keep you thoughts focused on good health and happiness.

 Jaspal Soni, Founder, Chananda Cultural Society
Violet Agni (fire, flame) is a high intensity spiritual energy that can transmute and neutralise negativity. Many people are visualising this light in an experiment to dissolve the cause and effect of the Coronavirus disease. Transmutation means changing from a lower form to a higher vibration of energy. Energy, as we all know, cannot be created or destroyed; it can only change form.
Violet Flame can also help bring peace and calm into our emotional worlds and comfort ourselves and others, especially in these times when many have fear, doubt, insecurity, economic uncertainty and confusion. The violet flame can help bring you the positive energy of hope and well-being.

Here is a simple mantra you can chant often and visualise the violet flame consuming the tiny microbes of Coronavirus in your home, workplace, city, and around the world. You can also imagine the violet flame filling your body while chanting and doing everyday chores.
I AM a being of violet fire,
I AM the purity God desires.
Note: I AM means “God in Me is.” But keep in mind that the violet flame is NOT a replacement for professional medical care.

Col (Retd) Aman Bedi, Director, Healing Touches
The Novel Coronavirus has taught us that it is impossible to separate ourselves from the greater world. Our vulnerability comes from the fact that we all humans are connected. This connection is far deeper and stronger when we move out of the coarse world and get into subtler realms. In this dimension, our connection is based on our thoughts, intentions and emotions. In the coarse world, a mere cough of an infected person effects only those around him but in the subtle world, a negative thought, intention and emotion can have a cascading effect on humanity. Today is the time to reflect and become a driving force to beat this deadly virus. Simple things need to be taken care of, such as, not blaming anyone for the spread of the virus, being brave and feeling empowered that this too shall pass, understanding that love is also contagious, using the available time to connect with our higher and inner self. Just by being positive we will be infecting the world with positivity and contributing towards replacing the dark forces with positive healing light.

Jyoti Manral, Founder, Ajanta Vihara Institute of Spiritual Sciences
As a spiritualist, I come across many people who are seeking answers to this sudden outburst of Novel Coronavirus. I use energy medicine extensively in all therapies and courses therefore I can state two important aspects of handling any kind of sickness/ disease: Fear and Environment.
Whenever, through clairvoyance, I scan the energy field of a person, I have always found maximum damage done as a result of fear; it causes conflict and chaos which results in disintegration of your structure inside your energy field/ Chakra system and even in your outside energy/ aura field.
Traditional meditation can bring calmness to help you move to the level where you can come into energy consciousness but you need to focus on vibrational meditation to reach a level of consciousness which is connected to your chakras. Your chakra or energy wheels are very powerful energy sources, which if aligned properly will enable you to build a strong immunity for yourself as every vibration sent at that level of frequency (your energy consciousness) is absorbed fastest by mind and body.
Once your energy wheels/ your chakras are aligned, the circulation of energy inside your body is free flowing and starts creating the highest level of vibration from inside out and provides excellent shielding on the outside as well. This might protect you completely (depending on how well your chakras are aligned); if not, it will surely provide with strength to fight any sickness and not only COVID-19.



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  • Coronavirus affects us mentally, spiritually and physically,. The physical response came first, and by now everyone knows about self-isolation, social distancing and testing. The second effect, on our psyches, is being experienced personally but with only fitful answers and advice. The best advice in the mental area is meditation and yoga, relaxation techniques and paying attention every day to finding not just relaxation but joy and comfort in your life.
    Don’t spend more than a few minutes diagnosing these feelings; everyone is experiencing them. Nor is it necessary to enter into metaphysical speculation about what life is all about. You can improve the state of your soul in the following ways:
    • Having a sense of meaning and purpose.
    • Loving and being loved.
    • Self-esteem, a sense of your own worth.
    • Tapping into inner peace and joy.
    • Being of service to others.
    • Generosity of spirit.

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