Month: September 2018

Pick a card for yourself, get tarot guidance

Happy Sunday, my beautiful people  Let us all get going with our cards once again and see what is their guidance for us for this week. Gather yourself in the centre of your heart and chose a card card you are most drawn to. You can chose 1 or more cards. You may opt for […]Read More

The most loved man of Bollywood

Choreographer Longinus Fernandes pours out his heart Today, I want you all to meet a dynamic Bollywood choreographer who has made our country proud the world over. I met him over a decade back when I was the technical director of the season one of the super hit television reality series Jhalak Dikhla Jaa which […]Read More

भेड़ें और गिद्ध

नीलू नीलपरी औरत क्या है? क्या सिर्फ एक शरीर, एक अंग, नर और मादा के भेद का निर्णायक मापदंड है? क्या पितृसत्तात्मक सोच आदमी और औरत के भेद को बढ़ाने के लिए बनी या समाज को समझने और सामाजिक कार्यप्रणाली को एक सरलतम रूप देने के लिए बनी? सभी अपने बेटे, बेटी, पति-पत्नी, माता-पिता, भाई-बहन, […]Read More

Preparing your skin for winter

Seasonal changes influence the skin. After the monsoon, the humidity in the air starts decreasing. When humidity is low, the skin loses moisture to the atmosphere and it becomes necessary to adjust the daily skin-care routine. People with normal to dry skin start experiencing a taut feeling in their skin immediately after washing or cleansing. […]Read More

Hemis is an exploration of life and its various complexities

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha At first glance Hemis, Madhu Tandan’s latest novel, appears to be a simple story of marital discord. To escape the daily fights with his wife Swati, the protagonist Ajay, plans a trip to Ladakh, a trip that he feels would give him much breathing space and also some time to think through […]Read More

‘Bollywood has helped build a bridge between India and Pakistan’

Saurabh Tankha Around four years back, Karachi-based journalist Taha Kehar gave up the prospect of a legal career and flew back to Karachi from London where he was pursuing a law degree from SOAS, University of London. He became a full-time journalist/ editor at The Express Tribune where he worked on the Peshawar city edition […]Read More

Bhasha Van, a literary tree-park established in Pune University

Team L&M In celebration of the survival and struggle of the world’s languages, the 84th PEN International Congress, alongside The People’s Linguistic Survey of India, created the Bhasha Van, literally Global Language Park, on the campus of Pune University’s International Centre. As a part of the congress, 180 trees were planted by the delegates from around […]Read More

Environment and nature form the core of Bangladeshi artist

Team L&M Ages and ages of running after pleasure and instant gratification have dulled our very souls. We have traded simplicity for complexity, clean air for smog and machines for spirit. We have corrupted the soil we tread, the air we breathe and the water we drink. The consequences are here now, cutting holes into […]Read More

Between the layers of time

Saurabh Tankha Half-an-hour with him and the famous Hindi movie song from Manoj Kumar-starrer Shor, jeevan chalne ka naam, chalte raho subah aur shaam comes to your mind. Rajkavi Inderjit Singh Tulsi may have penned the lyrics for a man wanting to collect money to get his ailing son treated by cycling day-and-night on the […]Read More

Eye exercise while working on a laptop

Mayank Agarwal/ Centre for Sight Staring continuously on the computer during a long work day can put immense strain on your eyes. An increase in visual demands,poor lighting, and not enough blinking are the factors which contributes to computer-related eyestrain. Since simply throwing the computer away isn’t an option, here are some helpful eye exercises that […]Read More