Month: August 2018

16 innovators of affordable, novel medical devices

Book The Essence of Medical Device Innovation Author B Ravi Pages 200 Publisher The Write Place Price Rs 295 First glance at The Essence of Medical Device Innovation and the thought strikes you: “Oh! It is one of those drab medical books. Who is going to review this?” Just as the plan to pass it […]Read More

Imaging for Otolaryngologists

Team L&M Book Imaging for Otolaryngologists Author Erwin A Dunnebier in collaboration with Erik Beek and Frank Pameijer Publisher Thieme Medical and Scientific Publishers Pvt Ltd Pages 356 Price Rs 1,686 for paperback edition Available on For those of you who are unaware who an otolaryngologist is, here’s the definition: An otolaryngologist is a physician […]Read More

Jiva Ayurveda introduces six-month Ayurveda and Yoga course at Gargi

Team L&M The Department of Chemistry of Gargi College under Delhi University in association with Jiva Ayurveda has introduced an add-on course, Ayurveda and Yoga – The Science of Well-being, for its students. The six months’ course will introduce students to several principles of Ayurveda and Yoga. Ayurveda and Yoga – The Science of Well-being […]Read More

The demon at the door

In a small town, there was an old house which was reputed to be the residence of a demon. Nobody even dared to enter the house. One day, a brave man announced that he is going to spend a whole night in this house. In the evening, he went into the house to stay there […]Read More

Karnataka government joins hands with CropIn to boost productivity, digitise

Small-hold farmers, at large, are a neglected community in India as farming remains an unreliable sector. Especially so in today’s world where farmers have to battle climate change in the face of depleting natural resources. The agricultural sector needs technology disruption to boost productivity and adopt climate resilient farming for a sustainable tomorrow. Given the […]Read More

परी हूँ मैं, पंख कतर दोगे तो भी उड़ान थमेगी

साल 2009.. लगातार हर बार पति के साथ प्रेम के जिस्मानी उन्माद के बाद कितने ही दिन परेशां रहती थी,  पेट दर्द, श्वेत प्रदर,दुर्गन्ध और गीलेपन से.. गोलियां रख परेशां, दवा बेअसर…. कहीं जाना हो तो लाइनर्स यूज़ करो… उफ्फ कोफ्त होती है याद कर के। यह बार बार का यूरीन इंफेक्शन भी पति के […]Read More

Have we learnt our lessons after Kerala floods?

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha If you destroy nature, nature will destroy you… There is no denying this fact. Every year, we have one or the other natural calamity: an earthquake, a landslide, a cloud burst or a flood more severe than the previous one leading to a massive loss of life and property but man in […]Read More

Tarot readings for you

Friends, the wait is over. We reveal the tarot card readings to you. We shall be back with the next set of cards for you next Sunday (September 2)… Here are the weekly reveals – 🌷Image 1: Harmonious relationships and something better are coming your way. Celebrations, reunion and getting together is on the cards. Do what […]Read More

Need to provide freedom to teachers, principals of government schools

Saurabh Tankha In the race to admit more and more children in privately run, English-medium schools and orient them to a world of cut-throat competition and grades-based performance, the quality of education is suffering. Children, teachers and, of course, educational institutions themselves are constantly struggling to survive in such an atmosphere. However, while most schools play […]Read More

Pick a card for yourself, get tarot guidance

Hello my lovely people, Happy Sunday🌷 Let us all get going with our cards once again and see what is their guidance for us for this week. 🌸Gather yourself in the centre of your heart and chose a card you are most drawn to. 🌸You can chose 1 or more cards. 🌸You may opt for […]Read More