Easy-to-make recipes for Rakshabandhan

 Easy-to-make recipes for Rakshabandhan

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Remember the tagline: Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye… Conventionally, you expect these words connected with sweets but the same have been used smartly by a famous chocolate brand. The idea is to give a new twist to the concept of consuming sweets during celebrations, especially Indian festivals. And when it is time to celebrate, you can surely have a chocolate but how can you not bite into one of the traditional Indian sweets, be it gulab jamun, barfi, chamcham, rosogulla, imarti, kalakand or rasmalai.

As the festive season kicks off with the celebration of the bond between brother and sister, we get you two easy-to-make recipes by Executive Chef Sujeet Singh, Radisson Noida Sector 55, to prepare for your loved ones this Rakshabandhan.



Serves 4
Cooking time 25 minutes

  • Ingredients
    150g Khoya
    150g Paneer
    5g Cardamom Powder
    50g Singhara Atta
    250g Curd
    15g Cashewnuts
    5g Chilly
    3g Ginger
    10ml Cream
    200g Desi ghee
    2g Sendha namak

For dumplings
Mash paneer along with some quantity of khoya and rub both of them to very fine consistency. Sprinkle cardamom powder from top and rub a little more. Add singhara atta for binding. Adjust the seasoning using sendha namak. Portion the mixture into ball size and stuff them with cashewnuts. Take desi ghee in a frying pan and fry the balls until golden brown in colour and keep them on an absorbent paper.
For gravy/ curry
Take a pan and grease it with ghee on low flame. Add chopped ginger and green chilly. Sauté them for a while. Along with curd, grind the cashewnuts and pour the mixture in the pan. Cook it for a while and adjust the seasonings using sendha namak. Add the dumplings and top the curry with some fresh cream and simmer for a while. Turn off the heat and serve the kofta curry garnished with coriander along with navratra breads.



  • Ingredients
    3litres Milk
    1tsp Vinegar
    300g Sugar
    50g Cardamom powder
    250g Khoya (condensed milk)

Boil milk in a vessel and add vinegar to make milk curdle. Boil to thicken its consistency. After water reduces, add sugar, cardamom powder and khoya. Then shift it to a tray and spread it. Put it in a chiller to cool down. However, it can be served both hot as well as cold.


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