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Now, buy bestsellers on exclusive e-bookstore

Readers can now find over 400 bestselling titles across genres such as Romance, Literary Fiction, Self Help and Spirituality and award-winning and bestselling books by Sudha Murty, Arundhati Roy, Ravinder Singh, Durjaya Datta, Sadhguru, Gaur Gopal Das and Khushwant Singh to name a few as Penguin Random House India has launched its first exclusive e-bookstore […]Read More


Life has changed in ways, hitherto unimaginable

Bhaskar Majumdar As India witnesses a complete nationwide lockdown announced by our PM to mitigate and arrest the spread of the novel coronavirus and protect citizens from its manifold health implications, there has been seismic shifts in the way we live our day-to-day lives. While the shutdown across industries has its obvious economic impact, businesses […]Read More

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