Life has changed in ways, hitherto unimaginable

 Life has changed in ways, hitherto unimaginable

Bhaskar Majumdar

As India witnesses a complete nationwide lockdown announced by our PM to mitigate and arrest the spread of the novel coronavirus and protect citizens from its manifold health implications, there has been seismic shifts in the way we live our day-to-day lives. While the shutdown across industries has its obvious economic impact, businesses are leaving no stones unturned in managing the situation at hand, revisiting strategies and introducing novel ones, such as allowing employees to work from home, enabling them to remotely collaborate and streamlining several operational challenges by leveraging technology in more ways than one.

On personal front as well, life has changed in ways, hitherto unimaginable. While a regular fulltime communications consultant’s job hardly left me anytime to stand, stop and stare; the lockdown and ‘staying at home’ guideline has freed up enough time for me to focus on my hobbies, interests, passions and has also helped me in garnering new skill sets. For example, not only do I get to spend more quality time with my family, I have also been able to polish my culinary skills. Now, I do manage to whip up many delicacies, loved by the family. I have also utilised this time to successfully complete certain exhaustive online courses offered by reputable institutions such as MICA, NIIT and Coursera.

To unwind from the new routine, I also actively engage in doing home yoga and resistance training to keep myself fit. Also, being able to indulge in my passion for gardening, tending to my balcony’s mini-garden and attending to household chores are truly enjoyable experiences.

 Majumdar is a communication consultant



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