Now, buy bestsellers on exclusive e-bookstore

 Now, buy bestsellers on exclusive e-bookstore

Readers can now find over 400 bestselling titles across genres such as Romance, Literary Fiction, Self Help and Spirituality and award-winning and bestselling books by Sudha Murty, Arundhati Roy, Ravinder Singh, Durjaya Datta, Sadhguru, Gaur Gopal Das and Khushwant Singh to name a few as Penguin Random House India has launched its first exclusive e-bookstore with Amazon Kindle. These titles will be available on Amazon India website at discounted prices.

“India is an up and coming market in eBook consumption and we are confident that with over 500 million internet users, there is definite potential that more people can take to reading eBooks. Initiatives built on eBooks can bring the spotlight on a mode of reading, which in addition to being safe and easily accessible, is also more affordable and comes with additional features that make reading more pleasurable and informational,” shared Niti Kumar, SVP, marketing, digital and communications, Penguin Random House India.

The e-bookstore can be accessed through this link –


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