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Need to provide freedom to teachers, principals of government schools

Saurabh Tankha In the race to admit more and more children in privately run, English-medium schools and orient them to a world of cut-throat competition and grades-based performance, the quality of education is suffering. Children, teachers and, of course, educational institutions themselves are constantly struggling to survive in such an atmosphere. However, while most schools play […]Read More

She helps single mothers turn into successful entrepreneurs

There are hundreds of thousands of cases around us, probably even in our neighbourhood, where a woman has been subjected to domestic violence. And in a majority of cases, these women either end their precious lives prematurely else relegate themselves to a life of a helpless individual. Of course, it is never too easy to […]Read More

ChetChat provides authentic, unbiased career information

She heads one of the largest online chat shows in the career and education space, with special focus on education. In a conversation with www.lifeandmore.in, Chetna Vasishth talks about setting up ChetChat two years ago as a pro bono initiative with the goal of helping youth take the most informed career choices as she believed […]Read More