Storytelling session enthrals young children at The Indian School

 Storytelling session enthrals young children at The Indian School

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A storytelling session was held for Class 1 & 2 students of The Indian School (second shift), Sadiq Nagar, New Delhi. Resource person Upasana Kaura narrated an interesting story, A Face in the Dark, written by none other than the master story writer for children, Ruskin Bond. Along with narration, she also showed some visuals on screen.

A Face in the Dark revolves around a suspense incident set in the picturesque hills around Shimla, hearing which the young kids felt much fascinated. This was more so, as the protagonist of the story is a teacher, Mr Oliver.

Through the storytelling session, the children experienced various emotions – the thrill, the suspense, the horror, the surprise – thoroughly enjoying the whole process.


The children participated very enthusiastically and showed wonderful creativity and imagination while answering the questions put up by Kaura during the narration. “One interesting aspect of Bond’s stories is that he often leaves them open-ended. Children suggest their own endings, which is where children feel a part of the whole process,” says Kaura.

The storytelling workshop was organised by 6to16, the education wing of Life & More, in association with HT Pace.



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