Workshop on Social Etiquette held at Rukmini Devi Pubic School in Rohini

 Workshop on Social Etiquette held at Rukmini Devi Pubic School in Rohini

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A workshop on Social Etiquette was held for students of the Rukmini Devi Pubic School, Sector 4, Rohini, Delhi. The workshops was organized by 6to16, the education wing of Life & More, in association with HT Pace.

The workshop, conducted by Resource Person Ashwani Kumar Sharma, lid stress on the importance of behaving well, and showing good manners not just school but also in the after-school day-to-day life.


Talking to students, Sharma explained the importance of learning etiquettes right from the very beginning of life, even before a child joins the pre-nursery class. Beginning learning at the Kindgarten level helps cement this behaviour as a child grows up. “By the time he reaches behaving in a socially responsible manner become a habit which is ingrained in the personality,” he said, adding that another benefit of beginning learning from this nascent age enhances positivity, which, with time, become the character of a child.

RDPS, Rohini

Sharma then explained how using ‘golden words’ like thank you, pardon me, excuse me, may I s against can I, my pleasure or welcome in response to a thank you, etc also helps improve relationships among friends and siblings.

Children enthusiastically participated in the workshop, coming up with their small words of appreciation.


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