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Fitterfly’s X-Labs uses AI to transform chronic disease management

Team L&M Leading health-tech company Fitterfly has launched its new division, X-Labs. The division would harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human-centered Design to redefine the quality of care provided to individuals battling chronic conditions. X-Labs would cover two critical areas. The first is AI Coaching and Chatbots. Fitterfly’s chatbots have been actively […]Read More


5 ways Artificial Intelligence is transforming HR Functions

Team L&M The Web 3.0 era is here, where machines are equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms (AI) to “understand” human language and behave in our best interests. AI is becoming increasingly important in the human resources sector. HR is concerned with creating, preserving, and enhancing interpersonal connections within a business. The continual […]Read More


Artificial Intelligence and beauty industry are no more strange bedfellows

Shahnaz Husain Over the last few decades, we have seen the heights of product innovation, using research and development of cosmetic techniques. Even ingredients from ancient texts are being combined with scientific techniques to formulate beauty products. We have also been through basic customized beauty care, formulating products for different needs. Through these years, branding […]Read More


Ed-Tech industry sees a steady growth after Covid pandemic

Manish Mohta The use of technology, including hardware, software, practice, and educational theory for a student’s entire growth is known as education technology. The term “ed-tech” describes businesses and organisations that specialise in developing educational technology. It incorporates online learning, computer-based training, mobile learning, and many other learning methods. It is proper to integrate technology […]Read More


Know the very many pros and cons of ChatGPT

Shankey Bhardwaj Modern language generation technology, ChatGPT from OpenAI, was developed using a sizable corpus of text data. It is helpful for many applications, including conversational AI systems and content production, because it can produce high-quality, context-aware, and human-like text responses in real-time. Like other machine learning models, ChatGPT has advantages and disadvantages that should […]Read More


TOP 5 Traits of a future ready HRtech software

Sumit Sabharwal In order to provide organisations with the best human capital and achieve the best results, human resource management (HR) deals with people. It must also ensure that employees have a better working environment. As we deal with the effect of post-pandemic, businesses are embracing the idea of remote labour more and more. Furthermore, […]Read More


Max Hospitals has advanced Integrated Robotic System for Spine Surgery

Team L&M With an objective to revolutionise technology driven medical advancements in the country, North India’s leading healthcare provider BLK-Max Super Specialty Hospital today introduced India’s most advanced Integrated Robotic System for Spine Surgery. This technology is the most advanced software platform designed to increase safety and accuracy of spine surgery and provides support to […]Read More


How Artificial Intelligence helps impart better education, improves learning

The Role of AI in Education sector   Manish Mohta The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is bringing drastic changes in technical fields, where it can be used to automate systems for better performance and efficiency, while we aren’t really aware of how AI makes everyday life simpler and easier. Artificial Intelligence enhances the speed, […]Read More

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