Fitterfly’s X-Labs uses AI to transform chronic disease management

 Fitterfly’s X-Labs uses AI to transform chronic disease management

X Labs can help manage diabetes effectively

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Leading health-tech company Fitterfly has launched its new division, X-Labs. The division would harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human-centered Design to redefine the quality of care provided to individuals battling chronic conditions.

X-Labs would cover two critical areas. The first is AI Coaching and Chatbots. Fitterfly’s chatbots have been actively engaging subscribers since 2016, delivering over 22 million positively reinforcing nudges. With X labs, it would start handling progress monitoring, set reminders, answer common queries, and provide routine information, while human coaches will deliver in-depth personalised care.

The second area is towards leveraging personalised data analysis and hybrid workflows to unleash the potential of data. Fitterfly will empower clients with insightful health journey understanding and actionable steps, nudging them towards their goals. We’re researching virtual biomarkers that quantify vital health information and complement glucose levels through biofeedback loops. With analysis overheads out of the way, the health professionals would be able to focus on human-centric tasks, optimising care and emphasising empathy.

Says Dr Arbinder Singal, CEO and Co-Founder, Fitterfly said, “Diabetes is a huge problem to solve in India. With rapidly mounting numbers of people with diabetes and pre-diabetes, with the use of AI we can help more people on an instant basis. Our interactions with the last 20,000 members have led to deep insights and data which we plan to use as a basis for AI to create new biomarkers and instant help tools. The cornerstone would be to have empathy in these tools with the aim to enhance member experience and improve outcomes further. X-Labs is the beginning of our journey to create a new era in healthcare, where cutting-edge technologies shape the future of patient care.”

“X-Labs embodies Fitterfly’s commitment to innovation and bias for patient outcomes. With algorithmic insights and virtual biomarkers, rooted in evidence based medicine, we’re reimagining the care continuum.By empowering our health professionals and our subscribing members, we plan to make a lasting impact on chronic disease management and rethink care pathways,” says Ammar J, Head, X-Labs, Fitterfly.


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