Sanatan Kriya, living testimony of power and efficacy of Vedic sciences

 Sanatan Kriya, living testimony of power and efficacy of Vedic sciences

Yogi Ashwini

In the act of breathing, a lot of energy is produced by the cells. Vedas say and modern science agrees that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The opposite of energy in this case being generation of toxins in the body. These toxins are termed as ama in Sanskrit. They gradually corrode the cells leading to their wear and tear. Greying hair, wrinkles, shrivelled up skin, fatigue, loss of strength and vigour, dullness of complexion, weak bones and muscles, dulling of senses – these are all products of action of ama on the cells of the body.

You might be surprised to know that the secret to the victory of Germans in the 2014 Soccer World Cup had its root in the practice of optimal breathing as prescribed in Sanatan Kriya to minimise the wear-and-tear of the body and enhance efficiency. The German team had special monitors on their cleats that keep a tab of their heart rate during practice and as the heart rate goes above the set mark, the player is put off the practice and given a lighter schedule, hence optimising the efficiency [details can be read in Sanatan Kriya, The Ageless Dimension].

Thus, with the simple act of right breathing, one can achieve an alert mind and the body gradually reaches peak efficiency and is fit enough to even win the soccer world cup! Beauty, glow and a well-toned body are added benefits. On the opposite end, a faulty breathing pattern can lead to withering away of the body and mind at a very fast rate. You may have observed that under conditions of excessive stress and duress the breath rate shoots up. The breath rate of a person undergoing a heart attack or an asthmatic attack is extremely high… it is because the body is gasping for more breath.

Indian history boasts of men with godly bodies, superhuman brains, shining mane and the strength of a thousand elephants; men who went on in a disease-free and glowing body for centuries and yugas, breathing young till the very last. These are not myths or fables; such bodies existed and can be attained even in the present times if one follows the principles as laid down by the rishis of yore.

I had the fortune of interacting with one such babaji a few years back. He lives in the Himalayas in the scantiest of clothes, with little or no food, in sub-zero temperatures. When I met him, he must have been between 45-50 years (could be more) but the strength of his body and the energy he exuded could not be matched even by the fittest of fit 20-year-olds. My friend, at that time at the prime of his youth, drove him down the meandering and arduous mountain roads for two consecutive days, he neither ate nor used the toilet or slept even once, sitting absolutely alert and without the slightest kink in the spine. At the end of the second day, my friend was so drained that he banged the car into the tree… the babaji just laughed, not the slightest hint of a frown or a worry line on his face. It is such interactions that led me to probe into the secrets of the ancient Indian masters.

Sanatan Kriya practitioners at Dhyan Foundation are a living testimony of the power and efficacy of Vedic sciences. The experiences of practitioners range from getting the body shape they desired in a matter of weeks, recovering from life-threatening and chronic diseases even when the doctors had given up, manifestation of thoughts and desires and interactions with the subtler energies and manifestation of their physical form.

The ones who stammered deliver lectures in a crowd of thousands, the ones whom you would not give a second glance make heads turn at every gathering, the ones who could not afford a two-wheeler are among the top business tycoons of the country and so on. All these are well-documented with testimonials and authorities.

While world over there is a shift towards ancient Indian concepts and practices, we, as a country, have taken to the ill-conceived and myopic diet, beauty and exercise fads that the modern beauty industry churns out every few months only to be rejected and replaced with something new the next time. Take for example, bariatric, where they bypass the majority of the intestines making the natural digestive process redundant leading to loss of body weight; loss of virility and body strength comes as a bonus.

Dieticians are a galore selling strange diets where they promise fast-track weight loss which is causing the skin to wrinkle and body to age faster… but then they have their channel partners in the form of a certain breed of doctors who take pride in calling themselves anti-ageing experts and dieticians though their own skin and appearance tells a different story.

Yogi Ashwini is the guiding light of Dhyan Foundation and the force behind nationwide animal protection projects by sadhaks and volunteers. Join us in the satyagrah to end suffering on animals! To volunteer,


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