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TOP 5 Tips for women on the go

In today’s busy life when women have dual responsibility of taking care of home and their career, it has become difficult for them to take out time for themselves. Dr. Madhu Kotiya, mind, body and soul expert lists down five tips which are very effective for increasing happiness and good health.   Deep breathing for […]Read More


TOP 5 Incredible Health Benefits of Spirulina

Spirulina, a blue-green algae found in pristine freshwater lakes, ponds, and rivers offers a myriad number of health benefits. It is one of the richest natural sources of protein and a complete food for the body. It contains essential fatty acids along with vitamins and minerals that offer health benefits to practically every organ and […]Read More


TOP 5 Health benefits of Broccoli

Team L&M It protects you from UV radiation Broccoli extract is a better sunscreen than any sunscreen cream/lotion you get in the market. While sunscreen absorbs UV radiation, preventing it from reaching your skin, broccoli extract gets absorbed into your skin, defending it from the inside-out. The effects of broccoli extract can last for up […]Read More

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