Of yummy Lemon Chili Salt, Masala Nimbu Concentrate and more

 Of yummy Lemon Chili Salt, Masala Nimbu Concentrate and more

Interior of an I Say Organic Store in Delhi-NCR

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Looking for Organic Atta, I chanced upon the I Say Organic advertisement on instagram. I immediately opened its website. Jagriti Agro tech’s venture, I Say Organic has a user-friendly website where one can simply key in the desired quantity of the product (the listed price is indicated alongside), give their name and delivery address. The website has a wide range of interesting products as a result of which instead of just buying Atta, I ended up buying four more products.

I Say Organic’s Whole Wheat Atta is a good buy. It has high-fibre content, and the chapatis come out light and fluffy. There is only one issue: you cannot keep the dough for long, I mean you cannot make the dough for two days (as is the habit with us city-breds), but make it at each meal time. This is good in a way as it will make one eat freshest rotis, good for health. What I loved about this Whole Wheat Atta is that the cake I bakes using this came out really good and delicious. What more does the cake-lover in me want?

Organic whole wheat atta
Premium Whole Wheat Atta

The Masala Nimbu Pani Concentrate is a tasty but, I feel the ginger content in it is a bit high which gives it a little strong flavour. If you can overlook this flaw, it is a good drink to have in searing summers. At Rs 250 for 500ml, it seems a bit costly, but then only one spoon for one glass makes it an economical buy. Packed with the goodness of mint, jaggery, black pepper & nimbu, the drink aids in digestion & strengthens immunity.

Organic whole wheat atta
Masala Nimbu Concentrate

The Kerala style Tomato Pickle is too sweet for my taste. For me if it is not chilly and tangy, it doesn’t qualify to be pickle. Since I have been eating Tomato pickle of another brand all my life, adjusting to this sweet taste isn’t easy. But then for those of you who like sweet things more, this would be a perfect pickle. My husband gives it 10/10.

Kerala Style Tomato Pickle

The best buys I feel are Garlic Salt and Lemon Chili Salt.
Consisting of dried green chillies, Himalayan Pink Salt and Lemon juice, this spicy salt can be used in preparing meals, snacks and drinks! You can even sprinkle it on fruit and veg salad, even make chutneys like I did, and it gave it altogether different flavour and taste. Similarly Garlic Salt can be used almost in all your preparations. It comes with the goodness of dried garlic which aids in digestion and is beneficial for those with gastric issues.

Lemon Chilli Salt (left) and Garlic Salt





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