Six health benefits of flax seed oil

 Six health benefits of flax seed oil

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Flax seed oil has a variety of health benefits ranging from boosting digestive & brain health to providing skin and hair benefits to helping in reducing the risk of cancer. There are a number of ways in which we can derive this benefit from flax seed, but probably the easiest and fastest way is to intake flax oil capsules. Dolly Kumar, founder-director, Gaia, shares some of the health benefits of flax oil:

#1 Regulates a healthy cholesterol level

Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6, flax oil capsules help to regulate cholesterol level in the body and are an essential medium to reduce the amount of unhealthy cholesterol in the body.

#2 Promotes healthy heart

Flax seed oil capsules help promote a healthy heart. Laden with fatty acids, these capsules promote healthy artery functioning and help prevent several heart-related problems like heart attack, stroke etc. Presence of these acids in flax oil also aids in reducing inflammation and blood clotting promoting overall heart health.

 #3 Helps reduce the risk of cancer

Flax seed oil is high on anti-oxidants, a direct benefit of which is that it helps prevent healthy cells to turn into cancerous cells. These seed oil capsules are bestowed with anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the risk of developing various forms of cancer.

 #4 Boosts digestive health

Loaded with soluble fibre, flax seed helps to regulate digestion by improving the absorption of nutrients. Their laxative properties further smoothen the digestion process.  It also keeps the stomach full for a longer span of time.

#5 Improves overall brain health

Enriched with omega 3 fatty acids, flax seed helps to promote and regulate overall brain health. Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA), a type of an omega-3 acid present in these capsules is especially linked strongly to brain heath.

#6 Provides skin and hair benefits

The omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseed oil contribute towards strengthening hair and reducing hairfall. In addition, these acids help in promoting overall skin health by keeping skin hydrates, smooth and moisturised along with preventing pollutants to enter our skin pores.



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