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Have we ever given a thought on what are the most important aspects at any workplace? We always consider that efficiency, good money, growing aspirations, congenial working environment and friends or colleagues are crucial in making a workplace conducive and better. Although these factors are important in making a good working environment and culture but all these mean nothing without the two most important aspects – health and safety.

The importance of health and safety cannot be overstated. Good and safe work practices have its own advantages as services and productivity remains free of disruptions, the people involved remains contented and comfortable, insurance costs and damages are minimal, and overall customers remain satisfied and delighted to get in time services and delivery. Leaving aside these moral factors, there are strict guidelines and laws governing workplaces and employers to look after the health, safety and welfare of their employees. Also, employers are mandatorily obliged to ensure to take precautionary measures and steps to minimise chances or accidents and provide a safe working environment for their employees and workers.

The World Day of Safety and Health at Work

International organisations such as the ILO (International Labour Organisation) and the WHO (World Health Organisation) actively promote the World Day of Safety and Health at Work worldwide on April 28 every year. It is a campaign to promote safe, healthy and decent working environment for all workers. The right to a safe and healthy working environment is respected at all levels, where governments, employers and workers actively participate in securing a safe and healthy working environment through a system of defined rights, responsibilities and duties, and where the highest priority is accorded to the principle of prevention.

Healthy you for healthy and safe working place

Health and safety at workplace is just not a priority and prerogative of employers, it is an aspect that all employees and workers should also participate and contribute to. Perhaps organisations and governments have been doing all their bit to promote healthy and safe working environment for workers all across the country and globe but as individuals, we have some responsibility and duty that we adhere to. One such responsibility is to stay fit and healthy at work.

Food and lifestyle is the foundation of healthy being and our productivity and nudge for safety by being conscious is deeply affected by the food that we eat in more ways than we can think of. Studies conducted on the subject have shown that employees with unhealthy diet are more likely to report productivity loss and dangers of accident due to lack of reflexes and assumptions as compared to healthy eaters. Good nutrition is essential for development and working of the brain and body and here are some benefits of maintaining a healthy food habit:

  • Helps in reduction of stress: There is a strong connection between eating habits and mental health. Maintaining a proper and healthy diet is less likely to suffer from depression or mood disorders.
  • Keeps you physically and mentally active: Nutrients in food help increasing metabolism without which physical health can decline. Fats and carbohydrates enhances mental functioning.
  • It boosts your confidence levels: Healthy eating keeps you physically fit and boosts confidence.
  • Helps in better performance: Good food fuels up the body to run smoothly and efficiently. It provides energy you need to perform to the best of your abilities.

Makes you lead a well-balanced and steady life: Good food helps sleep better, allowing to generate for effective and creative ideas. Healthy food not only keeps you physically fit but take

The writer is founder and chief mentor, Diet Clinic Health Care Pvt Ltd.


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