A Place To Which We Belong focusses on forms of mapping

 A Place To Which We Belong focusses on forms of mapping

Not only does land offers itself as a visual metaphor of lived experiences but as a tactile archive for artist Shalina S Vichitra. Her paintings function as visceral geographical annotations and recordings that employ the tools of cartography to address the complex subject of ‘belonging’. The fragile balance between natural world and human habitation surfaces through lines and markings that conventionally help organise or delineate.

Visit Gallery Art Motif, A1-178, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi till April 17 to experience Shalina’s recent artworks through A Place To Which We Belong, an exhibition that focusses on forms of mapping that communicate our sensorial experiences of remembering or imagining a place, as opposed to being within or outside of it. Informed by the multifarious relationships that individuals and collectives have with their environment, the exhibition questions our personal understanding of place as a filtered sequence of encounters that encompasses its own set of narratives, aesthetic textures and subliminal thoughts.


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