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5 types of Indian moms: Which one is yours?

We all love our mothers. From raising us through the formative years to putting up with our existential angst, our moms do a lot for us and that too, unconditionally. Here are five types of Indian moms. Which description best fits your mother? The Masterchef Maa: From baking your favourite chocolate brownie to cooking the […]Read More

Surely, laughter is the best medicine

It’s World Laughter Day tomorrow. Let us laugh for when we laugh, we change and when we change, the whole world around us changes… Sheela Seharawat The gift of life is awarded only once and to make it worth it is important that we – Live Every Moment, Laugh Every Day and Love Unconditionally Everyone. […]Read More

A Place To Which We Belong focusses on forms of

Not only does land offers itself as a visual metaphor of lived experiences but as a tactile archive for artist Shalina S Vichitra. Her paintings function as visceral geographical annotations and recordings that employ the tools of cartography to address the complex subject of ‘belonging’. The fragile balance between natural world and human habitation surfaces […]Read More