Month: May 2023


Cipla launches ‘Tuffies’ to promote better respiratory care in children

Team L&M As we move through the World Asthma Awareness Month, Cipla has launched its general patient & public awareness initiative – ‘Tuffies’ – directing more targeted awareness on improving respiratory care amongst children, especially those living with asthma. Overcoming myths and stigma associated with chronic respiratory diseases like asthma and its treatment, the Tuffies […]Read More


How organisations can orchestrate CSR efforts to empower women

Priyadarshini Nigam Women’s rights have been recognised globally in terms of education, economy, and healthcare. However, their practical implementation remains elusive, notably in India. According to the Global Gender Report 2022, India stood at 135th rank out of 146 evaluated countries. The performance was visibly dismal in bridging women’s educational (107th), economic (143rd), and health […]Read More


Yoga, bhoga and roga!

So, ABC…kithhe gayi si? This was a ditty we heard as children growing up in Punj land (that’s most of Delhi and above! till Kashmir. As a language and culture, it dominates). A for Arangetram too. That’s very Madrasi or South Indian. Having had this for mother’s tongue literally (Tamil), we were also exposed to […]Read More


Debunking some common myths about pet care

Varun Sadana Misconceptions about pet care are prevalent and can have negative consequences on our furry friends. From feeding habits to grooming routines, pet owners may unknowingly believe in certain myths that could harm their pets’ health and well-being. In this article, we will explore some common misconceptions about pet care and shed some light […]Read More


3D tech in fashion opens new doors of opportunity for

Raghav Mittal Fashion, like a chameleon, is always adapting and reinventing itself to stay relevant, constantly exploring new possibilities and expanding its horizons. Similarly, the use of 3D technology in fashion is becoming increasingly popular, as it offers designers and manufacturers the ability to create intriguing and enchanting designs with precision and efficiency. 3D technology […]Read More

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