Workshop on anger management held at Vivekanand Public School

 Workshop on anger management held at Vivekanand Public School

Students participating in an activity during the workshop

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A workshop on Anger Management was held at Vivekanand Public School, Anand Vihar, Delhi. Held in association in with HT Pace, the workshop was undertaken by Resource Person Ashwani Kumar Sharma on behalf of 6to16, the education wing of Life & More.

Stating that usually it is our inability to manage adverse conditions which leads to development of anger. “But then, many other conditions may also lead to anger such as jealousy, or when one cannot get what one wishes for,” said Sharma citing examples. “But it is almost always possible to keep anger under check,” said explaining ways which one can cope up with anger; manage self under adverse conditions. “If you get angry perceiving that your parents pay more attention & give more credence to what your sibling says as compared to you, that anger coming from a state of jealousy, you should sit and talk to parents freely,” he said.

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Class 8 student Kritika speaks to the Resource Person as her classmate Siddhi looks on 

Sibling rivalry is perhaps a burning issue among students as many of them shared their personal experiences and few even asked for help how to manage the anger arising in their daily life, be it in school or at home due to the behaviour of an elder or a younger sibling. A few of them had deep negative thoughts about their parents as they wrongly felt that their parents do not love them at all. “Parents love their children equally, and you must not let such negative thoughts enter your mind,” said Sharma.

Advising students that they should respond and not react to situations or circumstances which they feel are going against them, Sharma said, “When you are involved in an argument, always give a patient hearing to what the other person is saying; seek clarifications when you don’t understand something. It is important to be transparent with your friends, siblings, teachers and parents.”

Aaditya, Class 8, gets his query answered 

As a first, start spending more time with your parents, and understand what they expect from you. “Spending more time and talking freely are both very important,” he said. “As for teachers, if you are unhappy with the decision a teacher has taken, go talk to him/ her,” he told students. Students assured they will spend more time with parents/teachers and will not jump to conclusions according to their own thoughts.

A few more glimpses from the workshop

Sharma also gave students a few tips on how to check anger. “If anger develops, it is best to move away from the situation. Deep breathe for a few moments and drink a glass of water. You may even begin counting from one to nine,” he said. He also advised students to do daily mediation, which has a remarkable impact on reducing anger.

To make the workshop more interactive, the Resource Person also arranged for a few activities, which the students very actively participated in and enjoyed. A number of students discussed their personal issues post-session and conveyed thanks and satisfaction for the suggested solutions. Significantly, the workshop saw an active participating from the school management.


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