Month: May 2023


I owe my swimming skills to my mom, says Parmar

Team L&M The story of Parmar Vishwa Vijaybhai, the sole representative of Rajkot’s Aatmiya University in the inaugural Khelo India University Games in Uttar Pradesh, is quite unique. Vishwa mentioned that his mother was afraid of water but didn’t want her daughter to fear water as well, so she encouraged her to learn swimming. Vishwa […]Read More


Top 5 Commercial carpet trends this year

Team L&M Looking to add a touch of comfort and style to your commercial space? Look no further than the latest trends in commercial carpeting! With each passing year, the world of carpets evolves, and 2023 is no exception. Whether you’re revamping an office, retail, or hospitality space, these five latest trends are sure to […]Read More


Scientists develop new artificial light-harvesting system using organic nanotubes

Team L&M Inspired by natural photosynthetic systems, researchers have developed a new method of harvesting artificial light using organic nanotubes, which can be utilised in solar cells, photocatalysis, optical sensors, and tunable multi-color light-emitting materials. In Nature, plants and photosynthetic bacteria capture sunlight and deliver it to the reaction center through a cascade of energy […]Read More


Tips to build social connections

Team L&M Loneliness extends beyond physical isolation. It encompasses the distress felt when our social relationships don’t align with our desires and expectations. Our upbringing and social environment shape our comfort with connections. Paradoxically, one can feel lonely amidst a crowd if those connections lack meaning, or feel content when alone due to embracing solitude. […]Read More

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