Urban life challenges to secure your pets from

 Urban life challenges to secure your pets from

Prateek Raj Singh

The challenges of urban life aren’t restricted just to us, they impact the lives of our beloved pets too. The same way we have become more conscious of our choices to keep up with the rigors of modern life, we need to be mindful of the choices we make for them too. City life, with its sequestered nature, constant noise, and lack of space for exploration and exercise can impact the health and wellbeing of our dogs. However, the importance of lifestyle appropriate care is often overlooked when we go about trying to take care of them. Here’s how you can help your dog overcome a few challenges while living the urban life.

High Stress Levels
Much like us, our dogs are also prone to stress in their lives. Since mechanisms to ease stress aren’t as easily available to them, it is important for us to support our furry companions when stressed and help them find comfort. You should be familiar with your dog’s general demeanor so that you can pick up on the difference in case they’re stressed. SOme common signs  include pacing, barking, whining, tucking tails, yawning and licking and panting. To ease stress, we should identify what is causing the dog to feel stressed and remove them from the stressor. They may need some space to regroup and calm down. Exercise is a great way to ease stress in your dog. Daily walks, and activities like swimming and exploring can be a great way to alleviate stress. Mental stimulation using puzzle toys, or doing training exercises can go a long way in distracting your dog and helping them relax. Items like security blankets and toys can be a great source of comfort for dogs.

The nutritional balance
Dogs need a diet that meets their specific lifestyle needs without compromising on their nutritional requirements. It depends on your dog’s specific needs and degree of activity as to how much and what you should give it.  When picking the proper meal and the right amount, age, body structure, weight are all key elements to consider. When choosing a diet for your dogs, look for recipes that are tailor made for urban pets. Dogs are biologically carnivores, which means that a large part of their nutritional requirements involve protein from the right sources. Make sure to avoid recipes that are loaded with artificial additives, chemicals and filler ingredients. The key to a lifestyle appropriate diet lies in simplicity: diets that meet the nutritional requirements of your pet using simple, wholesome and fresh ingredients that suit their palate.

Space constraints
City life can be cloistered and isolated for them, so creating an environment where they can get the right amount of stimulation while feeling secure is really necessary.
Many individuals reside in apartments that are not pet-friendly and lack open spaces for pets at home. Make sure to keep your home uncluttered to give your pet plenty of room to play and roam about. Pets need a healthy, nurturing space to move around, grow and be happy in. Creating a play area in the house for your dog, choosing an outdoor area for exercise and play, and developing interactive activities for your dog’s stimulation are all excellent ways to ensure your pup gets enough exercise.

Noise and pollution
Loud and polluted urban surroundings can be distressing to people and their pets. Creating a quiet area in the house,  Given all the electronic devices and appliances that fill our homes these days, it’s important to understand that our dogs and cats can hear and be stressed by the sounds these things make too. Adding plants or filters to purify the indoor air, and picking suitable walking routes that reduce the impact of pollution are all ways that pet owners can combat this.

All dog owners agree that giving our pets a happy and, more importantly, healthy life is a top priority. Getting used to the modern tempo of today’s world is a challenge that both us and our pets are tempering together. Taking a holistic approach and incorporating these steps into how you care for your pet can go a long way in making sure that they are able to thrive and be happy alongside you.

 Prateek Raj Singh is CEO & Founder of Fabled Pet Food


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