Month: July 2019

Tarot readings for you

Friends, the wait is over. We reveal the tarot card readings to you. We shall be back with the next set of cards for you next Sunday (August 4). Here we go folks… 🌸Image 1: This card tells you to remove your attachments and start being free from now on. You have accumulated enough in all […]Read More

Pick a card, get tarot readings

Happy Sunday my beautiful people 🌸 Join me to seek weekly guidance from our cards. 🌷Gather yourself in your heart centre. 🌷You may choose one or more images you are most drawn to. 🌷You may opt for a GENERAL GUIDANCE or think about a particular SITUATION while choosing your image/s. 🍃ANSWERS WILL BE REVEALED TOMORROW🍃 […]Read More

How to take care of oily skin during monsoons

During monsoons, due to high humidity, sweat and oil secretions increase. An oily and sweaty skin attracts more dirt and chemical pollutants, leading to dull skin and problems like spots, pimples, acne and rash. Fungal infections are also common. Cleansing is the main aspect of monsoon care for oily skin. The surface oil has to […]Read More

Charishnu – Desire to move on

Have you ever imagined what happens when titans unite? What happens when the world’s pre-eminent dancers of six very different classical dance forms of India share the stage? Is there is a storm, an earthquake or a tsunami? Well, you will know it soon as in the coming month, one-of-its-kind show, Charishnu will be showcased […]Read More

Leaders emerge from challenges

Saurabh Tankha IIM Ahmedabad alumna Sreedhar Bevara released his first book Moment of Signal in 2018. A bestseller in amazon and in India, the book has been published by Fingerprint/ Prakash Books. At present, a general manager in Panasonic Middle East & Africa, Bevara also contributes to Forbes and has been delivering motivational guest lectures […]Read More

Learn by writing

Team L&M Dear children If you really want to score good marks, do your learning by writing. Don’t verbally learn or take notes on laptops or tablets, just write these.  A study done by Pam A Mueller of Princeton University and Daniel M. Oppenheimer of the University of California has shown the students who took […]Read More

Bullying can affect your kid’s sleep

Team L&M If your child is suffering from long-lasting depression like sleep dysfunction or you notice some changes in his/ her daily biological rhythms, it can be due to him/ her getting bullied. A study has warned this and more after findings in an animal model showed that being bullied can have dramatic effects on […]Read More

A sojourn with South Indian cuisine

Saurabh Tankha Last evening, my wife and I undertook Dravid Yatra. No, this has nothing to do with The Wall of Indian cricket for years, Rahul Dravid or his eventful journey as a cricketing hero, but a journey of culinary adventure at Radisson Noida. The Sector 55, Noida-based upscale lodging is, at present, hosting a […]Read More

Immunity boosters during monsoons

Team L&M Parents dread the rainy season as rains mean of cold and flu. Most of you must be thinking there is no escape from these afflictions, but what if we tell you that there is; that just be eating certain foods your child can become strong enough to ward of cold and flu. We […]Read More

The birds and bees

Team L&M As a society, we collectively abhor the idea of sex education to our teenagers. Most teachers would rather skip the chapter on reproduction in science text books. I remember way back in the 1980s, my biology teacher told us to read the chapter at home! We were in class IX at that time. […]Read More