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Where is dance in Bollywood today?

The changing ways of dance in cinema Bollywood is over a 100 years old and produces the highest number of films in a year in the world: six-seven movies release every week which means 300-350 movies a year. So can you well imagine if we release so many films in a year, how many of […]Read More

Dance and paint to promote tourism

This beautiful world looks even more beautiful to us because of artistes who show us the various colours of life around. There are different types of artistes in this world. Some are singers, dancers, painters, musicians and many more. But there are a few who are all-in-one. It has been a while that I have […]Read More

The glowing master of Tanoura

It is said for a dancer that dance should always be a very spiritual thing, a way that connects him or her to the supreme power, the power that has blessed the dancer with the gift of dance. Each move, each step, each expression slowly and steadily brings the dancer closer to the divine power. […]Read More

Do real men dance?

India is known for its rich tradition, culture and values. We are acknowledged all over the world for our great music and dance forms. In fact, our god of dance is Lord Nataraja and Lord Krishna is known for his raaslilas. Before we perform any form of Indian dance, we pray to the god of […]Read More