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Nature’s Buffet: How food forests nourish communities & wildlife across

Ashok Jayanthi The concept of food forests roots itself in the idea of mirroring nature to foster a self-sufficient ecosystem. Within this system, plants and animals form symbiotic relationships, enhancing resilience, reducing the need for external resources, and boosting productivity over time. A fundamental aspect of food forests is their layered vegetation structure, akin to […]Read More


Sustainable agricultural practices: Balancing productivity and environmental impact

Sriram Chitlur Renowned American environmentalist Paul Hawken once said, “The first rule of sustainability is to align with natural forces, or at least not try to defy them.” This profound statement carries significant depth. It underscores a core principle of sustainability, urging us to synchronise our efforts with the rhythms of the natural world rather […]Read More


Integrating health & environmental well-being in plotted management

Srinath Setty Before delving into how plotted management can integrate health and environmental well-being, let’s first grasp the concept of well-being. Essentially, well-being means having access to the basics of life – food, shelter, education, clothing, and income. When we have these essentials, we feel satisfied, and that satisfaction forms the core of our well-being. […]Read More

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