Integrating health & environmental well-being in plotted management

 Integrating health & environmental well-being in plotted management

Srinath Setty

Before delving into how plotted management can integrate health and environmental well-being, let’s first grasp the concept of well-being. Essentially, well-being means having access to the basics of life – food, shelter, education, clothing, and income. When we have these essentials, we feel satisfied, and that satisfaction forms the core of our well-being. It’s like having all the pieces of a puzzle in place, which brings forth feelings of happiness and contentment.

The Placebo Effect – Power Of Mind Over Body
The human body is indeed complex. While we often link health directly to the physical condition of our bodies, there’s a fascinating phenomenon known as the Placebo Effect that challenges this notion. Even scientists now acknowledge that a person’s health, whether physical or mental, can improve simply because they believe they are receiving effective treatment. Surprisingly, this improvement isn’t necessarily due to the treatment itself, but rather the individual’s mindset and belief in its efficacy. This demonstrates the profound influence our thoughts and beliefs can have on our overall well-being.
The example of blood pressure and stress is a perfect illustration of the mind-body connection and how our mental state can influence our physical health. Stress, originating in the mind, can raise blood pressure and contribute to heart issues. However, by practising relaxation techniques and fostering a positive mindset, individuals can effectively manage stress and promote better physical health.

Transformative Effects of Natural Surroundings
The environment we are surrounded by has a great impact on our emotions and behaviour. For instance, being in cluttered, noisy, or polluted surroundings often leads to feelings of anxiety.
On the contrary, when we immerse ourselves in the solace of nature, we tap into its inherent sources of calmness and serenity. Surrounded by lush greenery, open spaces, sunlight, and the melodies of birds, we find a sanctuary away from urban pollution. These natural elements serve as a catalyst to ward off negative thoughts, instilling a sense of peace and revitalization, leaving us feeling energised from within.
As crucial as our physical surroundings are for our well-being, our social environment plays an equally vital role. Being part of a group where we feel understood and embraced, and whose values align with our own, is essential. It’s widely recognized that belonging to a community can greatly enhance both our mental and physical health.

Cultivating Wellness In Plotted Community Farmlands
When a group of people with the same values come together in a plotted community farmland, they share a space of not just a green surrounding, but a healthy surrounding. Here in these communities as the flowers bloom, trees, fruits and vegetables grow, crops get ripened, the land is once again blessed with abundant rainfalls, and the earth is received back to its natural state, making everyone feel peaceful again.
In plotted community farmlands, the emphasis is on collective efforts to restore the earth with abundant trees and plantations. Here, people can reconnect with nature, enjoying the breeze under shady trees, listening to bird melodies, and engaging in soulful conversations free from technological distractions. It’s a crafted space where creativity flourishes, and individuals can find a true work-life balance. To bring this vision to life, it will require the collective effort of everyone involved, rather than relying solely on the actions of one individual.

Nurturing Health & Harmony
Our health is profoundly impacted by our environment, and through lifestyle adjustments, we can take charge of our well-being. In plotted community farmlands, the focus is on restoring the earth to its natural state while nurturing wellness. Here, organically grown food ensures a healthy diet, promoting both physical and mental health. Being part of such a community offers a harmonious living environment where sustainability efforts are appreciated, while offering solace for mind, body, and soul amid daily stresses of life.

Srinath Setty is CEO, Hosachiguru


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