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5 health foods that help manage weight

Dolly Kumar Who doesn’t like to be have that perfect body? But then, weight loss can be a tedious task. No matter which diet you follow, they say the key is to be consistent and follow it religiously. In fact, 99% of diet fails because we give up after a certain period. The worst is […]Read More

Gaia green tea for burning excess fat

Team L&M What’s better than a warm cup tea or coffee to keep you snug in the cold weather? But why still have these regular beverages when you can have a super-drink which provides an amazing number of health benefits? Well, Gaia Green Tea, a super drink is rich in anti-oxidants, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) […]Read More

Five must-have foods for changing season

Common cold, sore throat and the ceaseless cough! As we head towards winter, this all of a sudden changing weather can bring about various kinds of illnesses.  While staying hydrated, regular exercising, getting enough rest and dressing rightly are all must, consuming the right foods can also help you strengthen your immunity and beat the […]Read More