Gaia green tea for burning excess fat

 Gaia green tea for burning excess fat

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What’s better than a warm cup tea or coffee to keep you snug in the cold weather? But why still have these regular beverages when you can have a super-drink which provides an amazing number of health benefits? Well, Gaia Green Tea, a super drink is rich in anti-oxidants, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and its fat burning properties can help in weight loss and lower the risk of obesity.

It also helps regulate blood sugar level and fight stress and fatigue. Green Tea is also beneficial when you have a sore throat. With health benefits so numerous, Green Tea is definitely the best drink for you this season. So get the comfy feeling every time you sip this healthy brew and welcome an enlivened self!

Gaia Green Tea is available in the 25 sachets pack and 100 g (Caddy) for Rs. 175 and Rs 275 respectively.


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