Our ‘soul’ purpose

 Our ‘soul’ purpose

The president and some members of the Chananda Cultural Society, New Delhi were interviewed recently by a prestigious New Delhi-based new-age magazine, Life Positive (LP), for their April 2020 24th anniversary issue. The theme of the special issue was to focus on small organisations making significant contributions to positive social change in India. Entitled The Power of Small, it featured the works of 14 people driving social development. The underlying idea was to bring to public awareness how smaller communities—known as sanghas—are unleashing a tidal wave of positive evolution across the country. The Chananda Cultural Society was listed as one of the 14 and the president, Jaspal Soni, was featured on the magazine cover with the other leaders.

The magazine included a six page story about Chananda Cultural Society under the title, Our ‘Soul’ Purpose. The article included a very positive acknowledgment of The Summit Lighthouse, its founders — Mark and Elizabeth Prophet — and the Violet Flame. Here are a few excerpts from the story:

“The Violet Agni or Violet Flame is a spiritual fire gifted to mankind by ascended master Saint Germain. In the Golden ages of India, Egypt, South America, and Britain, people knew about this violet flame. With the help of this flame, people were able to transmute their negative energy into positivity. But gradually, with time and over generations, people lost the power to access it because of their increasing urge and lust towards worldly pleasures.

“The most unique thing that I (LP reporter) liked about the Chananda Cultural Society was the fact that it preaches the eternal knowledge of cosmic design and the real purpose of human existence as a universal agenda of all the religions existing in the world. It regards the message of ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ or ‘I AM Presence’ as a major teaching of all religions. Whether you’re a Hindu (who regards Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu as your ascended master and follows the Bhagavad Gita), a Christian (who follows in the footsteps of Jesus Christ), or a Sikh (who is ardently devoted to Guru Nanakji), every religion holds the same message of the eternal truth of human existence.

“The human race is slipping into a dystopian era due to lack of real, eternal knowledge, and sanghas like Chananda Cultural Society are doing a fantastic job in helping humans realise the ultimate truth of their existence, which can lead all of us collectively to a better and happier world.”

To read full story, please click on the link, http://www.chananda.org/nl/lifepos.pdf
For more information, contact:
Chananda Cultural Society
7/5 Kalkaji Extension, New Delhi 110019
[email protected]
YouTube: chananda org


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