A Cosmic Moment: Establishment of the Magnet of the Great White Brotherhood in New Delhi

 A Cosmic Moment: Establishment of the Magnet of the Great White Brotherhood in New Delhi

Jaspal Soni

“Here then on this soil, in this nation, I plant the extraordinary light of my heart in the heart of the messenger and devotees who have come to plant the flame of the Great White Brotherhood.

“——- Now then, let the attention to the threefold flame of Life by all of those who have received that greater increment of sacred fire be the means whereby the magnet of the Great White Brotherhood is established here in the etheric forcefield in New Delhi. Therefore I come. I come to manifest the flame in the tower of light (Qutab Minar).

“So let the tower be the sign of the pillar of fire of the Great White Brotherhood. Let the tower be, as in the hour of the Ancient of Days (Sanat Kumara, Kartikeya), the sign that the Great White Brotherhood has implanted a living flame, a guardian action, an open door of opportunity and that this nation under God, under the aegis of the Great White Brotherhood, might yet fulfill its fiery destiny.

“—– My beloved, God is determined and we are determined to hold the balance in the earth in this hour. Now let us see how the hearts of those who have received our love might be the magnet and the light that is raised up to draw all men of goodwill unto the devotion of the Holy Ghost. Let the true meaning of the Holy Spirit and of Lord Shiva and of Christ’s own comforting message of the coming Comforter be taught in this nation. For truly, my beloved, truly the understanding and embodiment of the Trinity is what is needed here.

“—– I draw a circle of fire around this entire place. Thus the legions out of the retreat of Ceylon will tarry here each day in the twenty-four-hour cycle. And they will tend the flame within this ashram between the hours of four and five in the morning for the beginning of the spiral that will ignite the day—and life and victory and love in the cities and towns and hamlets and homes of this nation.

“In the name of the Father (Brahma) and that Mother who give birth to the eternal Christ (Krishna consciousness) within you, I AM the Maha Chohan. I consecrate life to the victory. I consecrate this forcefield and these hearts to the victory of every child of God in India, across the continents and the nations. Thus by the flame of the candle in the tower there is extended the connection to the flame in the tower of Camelot. May it be built swiftly, for the tower of Michael is truly the defense and the bastion of the nations as well as the connecting point of all teaching centers and study groups and hearths dedicated as outposts of the Great White Brotherhood.



“—– In memory and in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, I implant my flame and I plant my feet upon this soil. It is good, so good to touch the earth where Gautama and Jesus have walked. May you follow in their footsteps. May others follow in your footsteps until the mighty chain of light and life everlasting fulfills the cosmic spiral.

“I AM the Maha Chohan and I AM visiting the lightbearers of the earth. I represent the Great White Brotherhood, and I announce to all the world that the Great White Brotherhood is come again to fulfill that fiery destiny.

“God wills it so. We will it so. Do you will it so, my beloved?  [Audience answers “Yes.”] So be it. The Trinity of Life has established it, it shall come to pass, and naught can stay the hand of the Lord.

“—–Remember what I say here this night, for in the keeping of my Word as well as my flame you will conquer this subcontinent and move on to establish cities of the sun, nation by nation. Make haste, then, for Morya waits and Chananda calls. The hearts of millions are in terror and we would deliver to them the joy of love, the joy of God’s will, the joy of overcoming through self-mastery and the grace of the Holy Spirit.

“I AM in the Amen (OM) and therefore I say to you, in the name of the Father (Brahma) and of the Son (Vishnu) and of the Holy Spirit (Shiva), in the name of the Mother, Amen!”

Excerpts of the dictation* given through Elizabeth Clare Prophet, the messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, by Maha Chohan on April 17, 1980 in New Delhi, India; published in Pearls of Wisdom ®, July 13, 1980, Summit University Press, MT, USA. Copyright © 1968, 2000, Summit Publications, Inc. All rights reserved.

* A dictation is a message given to a messenger who has been trained through numerous lifetimes to accurately release the words of masters, angels, and cosmic beings from the highest octaves of light—not to be confused with psychic channeling. Besides a delivery of words, a dictation releases light for absorption by the listeners and the earth.

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