Banish ignorance

 Banish ignorance

Jaspal Soni

“Banish the ignorance. It is a disease that you have all had and it is a contagious disease. When all are ignorant, all are content at the level of ignorance to which they have gravitated. If there be not one among them to tell them there is a better way, there is a path of self-transcendence, they will so remain for indefinite time and space.

“Thus, I hurl the challenge:  Be Shiva!  Be Parvati!  Be Shiva!  Disturb the cosmos–dance with me. I will train you by placing my Presence over you. Dance with me in the circle of fire. Follow the courses of my hair to the uttermost reaches of finite time and space. Let the cosmic dance propel you higher and out of the prison house that this Matter cosmos can be.

“—— May you all be Shiva. That is my command this day:  Be Shiva. Oh, some may say, “That proud fellow, he wants everyone to be himself. What conceit!”  Nay. Nay, I desire to see the flames dance in your auras and to have others recognize those flames.

“I am in the Godhead. You are in the Godhead. I know it. You do not know it, at least not all of the time. Put away childish things. Come into the arena of the Gods. Counsel with the sons of the Gods, and know that your merging with the cosmos is nigh.

“—–O beloved, most of you simply need a cosmic adjustment, a realignment of your soul with the reality of your God, that is all. In the twinkling of an eye this can take place. In the twinkling of an eye the last trump of sin and death and mortality will sound!  And then you will say to yourselves, ‘Why did I wait to the end of my life to walk the earth with the immortals, to have my immortality, to have the joy of freedom and to give that freedom to all?’

—- Yes, beloved, we want you to have happiness, to have joy, to have freedom, to know what it is to be immortal and free here and now. Fight death every day. Vanquish it every day!  For another form of it will pop out of your electronic belt (negative energies) every day. Cast it out as Death and Hell. I say it again, as others have said it before me:  Do not accept the levels of Death and Hell. And see that all of Death and Hell itself trembles before your step, before your voice!  It is much easier than you think to intimidate the devils.

“—– Be independent sons and daughters of God, not continuously dependent on others to help you do this and help you do that and heal you, et cetera, et cetera. Become conquerors of your own lives!  This is my challenge to you. It is a challenge to be independent from all of these dark ones.

“—- Now send your fiats (intense prayers) into the ruby fire of Shiva and Parvati, fiats for the exorcism of your being of all that excess baggage that you have indulged. Do it now, for I AM here

[Congregation gives fiats (intense prayers).]

“—- Yes, beloved, God offers you the greatest bargain of all!  And I have come to bargain with you this day. For I will give you of myself if you will let go of those elements that are no part of you. For many of you fantasize and indulge in the oddest concepts I have ever heard of anywhere!

“Now let us look at reality as the place of the Middle Way, the Middle Way of Gautama Buddha, the Middle Way of rightness in all things. Yes, beloved, believe it or not, you can come to the Middle Way and be rid of your double-mindedness, enter the All-Seeing Eye of God of your Christhood (Krishnahood, Higher Mind) and conquer yourself and this world and place an offering on the altar of God that will remain there so long as there is a planet and a civilization.

“—- For we are one!  And I AM bonding you to my heart if you will it. And if you do not will it, that is also your choice. But I do not intend to leave any of you alone.”

This dictation*by beloved Shiva and Parvati was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, on Sunday, April 3, 1994, during the five-day retreat held at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana, USA. Published as Pearls of Wisdom®, May 8, 1994, Vol. 37, No. 19. Copyright © 2014 Summit Publications, Inc. All rights reserved.

*A dictation is a message given to a messenger who has been trained through numerous lifetimes to accurately release the words of masters, angels, and cosmic beings from the highest octaves of light—not to be confused with psychic channeling. Besides a delivery of words, a dictation releases light for absorption by the listeners and the earth.

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