She helps single mothers turn into successful entrepreneurs

 She helps single mothers turn into successful entrepreneurs

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There are hundreds of thousands of cases around us, probably even in our neighbourhood, where a woman has been subjected to domestic violence. And in a majority of cases, these women either end their precious lives prematurely else relegate themselves to a life of a helpless individual. Of course, it is never too easy to overcome from the trauma of domestic violence but then you have women like Dr Vahini Reddy around who become role models for others and inspire them to lead a life full of respect and self-esteem.

Dr Vahini got married at an early age and soon suffered domestic violence. But she overcame the problem, freed herself from it all and started her life afresh as a single mother. Even as she managed to earn and invest time on academics and self-development of her son and herself, Dr Vahini kept supporting others arDr Vahini is a successful entrepreneur and one of the top 25 influential women in Indian business venture market.ound her. As of today, she has not only supported women in need, especially single mothers to establish themselves as entrepreneurs and their children to continue their education by providing scholarships and nurture them. Today, with her hard work and dedication,

What is surprising is that Dr Vahini does all of this minus donations. She runs an organisation, Evolve Excellence HR Services Pvt Ltd, which acts as progress partners to organisations by revamping subsided organisations, provide end-to-end services in organisation culture change, executive search along with leadership and behaviour trainings. The organisation also provides services such as psychometric test for schools and college students, train them on confidence building, personality make over and they focus on building competencies in human capital based on 2020 market analysis. Today, it has clients from Delhi, Ahmedabad, Rajasthan, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Qatar, Malaysia, Europe and now USA.


Dr Vahini started her company with zero monetary investment, experienced up and downs in her business but has made her blue ocean in the marketplace. Known for her wisdom on organisation building and human behaviour analysis with crisp interventions, she is interviewed by experts who work for British Council UK in association with Oxford University to take her views on how to build education system in the world. She is now working on a system that allows executives work remotely where employees can use their competencies and time and earn accordingly.

Never compromise on quality and never give up on your dreams is her message to young and aspiring entrepreneurs. Dr Vahini says there is solid way to succeed in long run, that is, to build a pyramid kind of structure. This requires high commitment without expecting immediate fruits. Because the ultimate goal is to touch as many lives as possible, this company have built 90+ training products under its umbrella. Starting from behavioural training programmes to high potential nurturing at mid-management level to cultivating better leadership at corporate segments and academics leader to parenting skills at education segments. They also have special certification programmes on entrepreneur coaching and individual personal balance programme.

While working on her enterprise, she runs an NGO, VR Oneness Foundation, which supports single parents, women and youth. The aim of the foundation is to build a shelter home for single parents and turn them into entrepreneurs. She has documented her journey through a book, Vahini and The Lion, which was launched recently. Alongside the foundation, she has initiated a global campaign, The Lioness, which has got incredible responses in hundreds of numbers in just a few weeks’ time. The aim of this campaign is to strengthen sisterhood, take a pledge to stand for self and others and recognise women who are already supporting other women.


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