CO-LIVING TRENDS 2022: Effective use of space, enhanced safety protocols

 CO-LIVING TRENDS 2022: Effective use of space, enhanced safety protocols

Kahraman Yigit

The co-living industry is flourishing – the pandemic has played a significant role in reimaging the way we consider living-spaces. Co-living has been instrumental and flexible in terms of adapting to the changing needs of consumers, which has given rise to a few interesting emerging trends in the sector that we foresee ruling 2022.

  • Effective Space Utilisation: It will be imperative to have interior design focussed on “lighting, use of multifunctional furniture, tech in-built infrastructure and an effective space utilisation’’ to seamlessly switch between long hours of virtual meetings and personal space.
  • Enhanced Safety Protocols: Health and wellbeing will continue to remain as the two key factors for anyone making living in a safe space their top priority. Enhanced safety protocols will gradually become a necessity for modern migrants as they adjust and familiarize themselves with the new normal.
  • Smart Living Solutions: Smart living solutions, along with feasibility of technology-led design, keeps up with urban trends and provides social benefits to residents.
  • Promote Community Living: Co-living will act as an effective solution to combat pandemic-induced aloofness and anxietyby bringing together like-minded individuals through thoughtfully designed, functional spaces for a comfortable city life within a community

Co-living is set to become a key determinant of a new community lifestyle. With growing demand for affordable accommodation in cities, co-living will continue to be a sustainable business model, offering opportunities to create conversational bonds and diverse communities. Overall, the future of co-living looks bright.

Kahraman Yigit is Co-Founder and CEO, Olive by Embassy




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