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Insights into the new Covid19 variant

Dr Sapna Yadav The current JN.1 strain is variant of OMICRON strain of COVID 19.Although it spreads more easily but it causes milder illness in majority individuals. Prevention is the most effective way to deal, hand hygiene, use of mask and appropriate vaccination is the key. The new-covid19 variant shares similarities with previous Omicron strains […]Read More


Mushroom derived bioactive compounds can combat COVID19, other viral infections

Team L&M Natural anti-infective, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antithrombotic products derived from a wide range of easily sourced mushrooms and their bioactive molecules have the potential to combat covid, according to a new paper. The Covid19 pandemic brought the focus on bioactive ingredients that boost the immune system. Consequently, scientists worldwide resumed intensive studies on bioactive […]Read More


Researchers develop plasma-based green disinfectant that can limit Covid19 spread

Team L&M Researchers have developed a plasma-based disinfectant generated with the help of cold atmospheric pressure plasma (CAP) which could act as a green decontaminant for Covid19. This is much better than most decontaminants that consist of chemicals which are hazardous for the environment. A team of scientists Dr Kamatchi Sankaranarayanan, Dr Mojibur R Khan, […]Read More


Covid19 changed the entire spectrum of health reporting: SPAG Study

Team L&M According to over 40 health editors and journalists across four continents, health reporting will change permanently, but conversations around digital healthcare technologies are increasingly taking centre stage across key Asian markets, including India, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines among others. These are insights released in a report titled Global Media Trends on Health Topics 2021 […]Read More

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