TOP 5 Brands that started during Covid19; are growing exponentially

 TOP 5 Brands that started during Covid19; are growing exponentially

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Covid19 made our life tough, but it also paved way for innovations, and new concepts. The sharp brains have found alternatives for many things that worried the layman, and made their life easier. These impacts are visible in several sectors like education, payment transaction, infrastructure, lifestyle, and so on. There were many start-ups that emerged after the Covid19 pandemic hit, and are growing tremendously making the life smooth. Here, we list five of those:

SleepyPanda, a comfortable, innovative, and affordable brand in the modern bedding space is being a great relief to many by helping them with better sleep, and providing support to body postures, while working from home in particular. This orthopedic memory foam mattress brand have witnessed an increasing demand from tier 1 and 2 cities in the country within a year. The mattresses are neither firm nor soft, being a blend of comfort, and technology it offers utmost level of comfort, and are designed in a way keeping in mind human physiology and the orthopaedic requirement. As work from home increased the burden of work pressure followed by stress, body ache, shoulder pain, lack of sleep, and low productivity a personalised mattress can be a great companion to be fit.

The Better Co
The Better Co is a technology driven construction company which helps the customers to build their dream home, and the cozy interiors on a single platform. Being a leading new-age, end-to-end home construction company, is planning a foray into new markets including Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Mysore, Chennai, and Delhi in the next year. COVID made the economy fall drastically, and made the people trouble to meet the ends. But the desire to have a home never ends. This makes The Better Co the people company to build their dream home in an already fixed price. It focuses on constructing a home that captures the heart, and not sight. Having an own home is a dream for all being able to build it in our idea add on the value of that asset.

BlueTribe is the digital-first company that makes tasty products that taste, feel, look and cook like meat, but are better for the environment and the planet. The company aims to replace animals from the food chain. To make a global food system that is sustainable available to all while being tasty and quick in delivery. Being launched recently, the company has served multiple cities with plant-based Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Keema. As of now, BlueTribe has seen its traffic grow over 70% on a month-on-month basis.

Junio is a kids-focused smart card that lets them make digital and physical purchases with an aim to create a community of financially smart & empowered young generation. Junio also enables instant fund transfer, notifications and flexibility to cancel the card at any moment through the app. The platform is live since Mar 2021, and have seen 50000 downloads within one month of the app launch. The digital pocket money-smart card has raised a total of $1 million in its Angel Round this January.

Established in 2020, Vital is the brainchild of former co-founder of Truly Madly, and senior management member of Expedia and Make My Trip, Rahul Kumar, and health insurance industry expert and head of product at Apollo Munch Health Insurance, Jayan Mathews. Vital intends to reimagine health insurance by personalizing the coverage for each member based on their individual needs, and going beyond hospitalisation to also include essential wellness expenses. The startup has recently raised $3mn in total with a pre-series A round led by BlinC Invest along with Venture Catalyst, Survam Partners and several other angel investors.


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