Common food items that help keep blood pressure under check

 Common food items that help keep blood pressure under check

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With the kind of life we are living these days, hypertension has become a common occurrence. What if tell you that there are certain food items, commonly available in your kitchen, that can help keep your blood pressure under limits, no matter the kind of stress you are living under.

This is a versatile spice that improves heart health – circulation, cholesterol level, and blood pressure. Ginger acts as a natural calcium channel blocker that helps to relax blood vessels. Include ginger in your daily meals and beverages and see their taste improve.

Garlic has many medicinal benefits. Allicin present in Garlic helps relax blood vessels and reduce high blood pressure.

Ajwain/Carom seeds
Ajwain contain a flavoured Rosmarinic acid which helps reduce inflammation and blood sugar levels, increase blood flow and lower blood pressure. As per a study, intravenous administration of a crude extract of ajwain decreases blood pressure and heart rate.

Cardamom is a popular spice, especially for its flavour. This sweet spice contains antioxidants that help to reduce high blood pressure by acting as a natural calcium channel blocker. It also acts as a diuretic (increase the urine flow) that helps to reduce heart load.

Cinnamon, a flavoured spice, is used to treat various heart-related symptoms, and it also reduces high blood pressure. It appears to relax and dilate the blood vessels.

Flaxseeds and their oil are rich in α-linolenic acid and omega-3 fatty acid which aids heart health. It also works against inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, among other health problems. Diets rich in omega-3 fatty acids lower blood pressure significantly in people with high blood pressure. Flaxseed also protects against atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease by reducing cholesterol levels.

So make these items a part of your daily diet and keep those BP tablets miles away from you.


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