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How sleep impacts your beauty & health

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha Is your hectic lifestyle and busy work schedule making you sacrifice your sleep hours? If yes, it’s time to take a re-look at what you are running after and running for, and ask yourself if it’s worth it. Well, if you consider the opinion of doctors, it certainly isn’t. Lack of sleep […]Read More


Have you checked your blood pressure today?

Team L&M Do you know that three out of 10 people worldwide suffer from issues related to hypertension or high blood pressure? On the occasion of World Hypertension Day tomorrow, dietician Sheela Seharawat tells us how we can manage it with foods On May 17 every year, World Hypertension Day is observed across the globe […]Read More


TOP 5 Ways to manage hypertension

Team L&M The average blood pressure (BP) for a normal adult is 120/80. Anywhere above 140 and 90 is considered high. Thanks to the kind of lives we are living, high BP (hypertension) is a common occurrence among people, age no bar. Disturbingly, often the high BP goes unnoticed as the symptoms are not very stark. […]Read More

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