TOP 5 Ways to manage hypertension

 TOP 5 Ways to manage hypertension

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The average blood pressure (BP) for a normal adult is 120/80. Anywhere above 140 and 90 is considered high. Thanks to the kind of lives we are living, high BP (hypertension) is a common occurrence among people, age no bar. Disturbingly, often the high BP goes unnoticed as the symptoms are not very stark.
It is important to keep the BP within normal limits as high BP can lead to stroke, heart attack and even kidney failure.
But the GOOD thing is you can manage your BP by making some changes in your lifestyle.

Following are the five ways in which you can manage your blood pressure:

Be careful of what you eat. Avoid deep-fried snacks and oil-rich preparations. Consume fresh fruits and vegetables liberally.


Reduce intake of salt. If possible, switch to rock salt. Reduce intake of pickles as pickles are rich in salt and oil.


Avoid alcoholic drinks, quit smoking and do not consume too much of tea and coffee. Alcohol, nicotine and caffeine, all cause dehydration and increase the BP.


Drink plenty of water. It keeps your body hydrated and skin supple.


Make sure that you do some sort of physical exercise every day, be it walking, running, playing, gyming, yoga, dancing…anything that suits and interests you. But do not overdo anything.


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