Taj Mahal, Ghats of Benares to move to Delhi!

 Taj Mahal, Ghats of Benares to move to Delhi!

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The next time you have guests over who want to visit the Taj Mahal on the day you have an important business meeting which you cannot postpone, the solution is not too far. All you would then need to do is get a cab and bundle them to the Taj, not the one built by Shahjahan in the City of Love but in the National Capital itself.

Come 2020 and tourists will get a first-hand experience of the Taj Mahal or the ghats of Benares in the National Capital itself.  With a view to facilitate tourists visiting India, the Central Government would be using 3D technology to digitally reconstruct 20 historic monuments and put them in Delhi.

“By 3D printing, we can create Taj Mahal, ghats of Benares, Buddhist circuit and any heritage or any monument. So, the tourists coming in can see and decide what they like and where they want to go,” said Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, secretary, Department of Science & Technology (DST) while inaugurating an ASSOCHAM International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

He added that using the 3D technology, one can track/ decide own path with the help of a laser light and it would seem as if one was visiting that monument and could see exactly what one would have seen if one was actually walking there and it would give information like a tourist guide. “You can stop, climb up, change perspectives or the sky, be it morning or night as it depends on how you are going to view it,” said Prof. Sharma.

He also informed that the Government is going to launch a huge mission on cyber physical systems which is three layered and has 25 centres of excellence focussed on each sector with basic knowledge layers, algorithms of AI and a fusion layer in between which is the physical layer ie machine, robots, actuators, sensors in different contexts. “This mission will cover from basic fundamental knowledge generation R&D to technology development, translational aspects, incubators, start-ups in this particular area thereby commercialising the technology which comes out of there,” added the DST secretary.


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