Now, breathe clean air at PVR Cinemas

 Now, breathe clean air at PVR Cinemas

When was the last time you walked into an air-conditioned auditorium or a cinema hall and got the feeling that the air inside was stale. And it forced you to take out your handkerchief or pull out a wet tissue and place it on your nose. But this will happen no more.

Driven by environmental situations and consumer demands to live smart and breathe fresh, cinema halls and auditoriums are now introducing “clean and fresh air” for their customers. Most recently, India’s largest cinema exhibition company, PVR Ltd has become the country’s first entertainment company to revamp and retrofit central air purification systems powered by Nirvana Being to combat indoor air pollution in the most effective manner. It also inaugurated the first of many Audit-Air-Ium theatres at Directors’ Cut, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj. Retrofitted with customised world-class air cleaners, the “clean air theatre” concept maintains indoor air quality as per National Air Quality Index(AQI) standard at under 100 and propose a 15 minutes’ addition to one’s life during three hours of luxury cinema viewing.

Focussing on metro cities with worst air quality in the world as per WHO; PVR Audit-Air-Iums will be installed across Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad, encompassing mainstream screens, Gold class and playhouse cinemas. “In recent years, the air quality in India has deteriorated considerably. In times like today, where air filters and purifiers are no more a luxury but a basic living necessity, we, at PVR, are striving to address this growing cause of concern. We have developed this model in association with Nirvana Being by retrofitting our properties with air purification technology to create a cleaner environment for a refreshing cinematic experience,” shared Sanjeev Kumar Bijli, joint managing director, PVR Ltd.

“By partnering with PVR, we aim to create a holistically safe and healthy environment for families to enjoy cinema with complete peace of mind. It is an established fact that Delhi has hazardous ambient air. Combine that with the fact that indoor air is five-10 times more polluted (than outdoor air) due to other pollutants as well as allergens and we think this initiative is simply ‘Responsible Business’,” commenting Jai Dhar Gupta, founder, Nirvana Being.


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