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NutriParadise Soup 44 is a boon for diabetics

Team L&M Soup is the perfect comfort food for those under the weather. But if you are diabetic or have high cholesterol, the soup choices from the restaurants get drastically reduced. NutriParadise Foods, the Bengaluru-based, pioneering nutraceutical company that was incubated at CFTRI, is launching Anti-Diabetic Soup 44 which helps reduce glucose and cholesterol levels. […]Read More

Now, breathe clean air at PVR Cinemas

When was the last time you walked into an air-conditioned auditorium or a cinema hall and got the feeling that the air inside was stale. And it forced you to take out your handkerchief or pull out a wet tissue and place it on your nose. But this will happen no more. Driven by environmental […]Read More

How to protect furniture during monsoon season

Team L&M Who doesn’t enjoy having a sip from their cup of tea or a mug of coffee while enjoying the raindrops gliding through the window pain on a cool evening, but nobody enjoys their furniture being hit by those raindrops! A furniture is a piece of house which makes it a home , and […]Read More

Campaign for women safety

Team L&M This Republic Day, let us join CNN-News18 as it campaigns for women safety through its unique campaign #RepublicForWomen. Why? Because no matter which city we live, women safety has always been a serious concern in India. Bengaluru’s New Year Eve celebrations saw a shameful display of sexual violence. In this campaign, the channel […]Read More