Digital experiences in times of Covid-19

 Digital experiences in times of Covid-19

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To keep their employees motivated, focussing on employees’ safety and wellness – physical, psychological and emotional, a number of Indian companies are trying to reinvent ways during these challenging times of Covid-19 and the period of lockdown. To catch up with this trend, India’s first experiential startup Enout has launched digital experiences to tackle this unprecedented situation.

These digital experiences focus on wellness — mind-body-soul, motivation, stress management and engagement and provides flexibility as well as greater control of mind over body. At the same time, it helps the employees work on flexibility thus connecting to their inner self.

Wellness experiences are customised as per the demography, current problems that leaders are facing during quarantine, values, culture and interest of the employees. It includes yoga such as vinyasa yoga, hatha yoga, pranayama and yoga nidra; dance fitness such as zumba sessions, boxing, high-intensity interval training; expert sessions, stress management sessions, and motivational sessions to help employees become more efficient and stable to make it more engaging. All these experiences are gamified to make it more engaging.

“People are the biggest asset to any organisation and become critical in such times. These uncertain times require companies to be more empathetic and be connected with employees,” feels Enout founder Keshav Kumar. He further adds, “Today, we are seeing big to small and new-age companies alike are putting employee well-being first and innovating on how to keep them healthy, motivated and engaged. Our digital experiences will make them positive and adopt a healthier lifestyle.”


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