Aisle launches Jalebi, a dating app exclusively for desi GenZ

 Aisle launches Jalebi, a dating app exclusively for desi GenZ

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Aisle, India’s market leader in high-intent dating apps, unveiled Jalebi, the newest addition to their suite of dating apps, this week. Exclusively built for the single, progressive and predominantly Gen Z market, Jalebi makes way for a long overdue glow-up in the Indian dating scenes.

A loud, proud and authentic voice created to inspire and help members meet the right people in a safe environment, Jalebi captures the attention of singles who are tired of frivolous, casual dating and are looking at dating with a little more depth. Aptly named to highlight its desi and out-of-the-box features, Jalebi caters to the urban Indian youth’s need for intelligent dating and meaningful companionship in a sea of dating apps that do the opposite. The app aims to be the antidote to the shallow and often inconsequential arc of game-like casual dating.

Inspired by the neo-pop art movement, Jalebi introduces desi-modern and vibrant visuals into the app’s framework. Other than a safe and friendly community of singles, Jalebi’s features include selfie-verified profiles to create a more credible community, a mosaic profile design that makes more information about a member available at a glance, and audio prompt options that allow members to level up on their dating game to establish a higher level of trust.

Sharing his excitement on the launch of Jalebi, Able Joseph, Founder & CEO, Aisle said, “Aisle has never really ventured into the 18-24 age group – a generation that is way more open and aware of what’s happening around the world. It was time to think differently for our growing audience – and create an experience that matched this segment’s dating goals. Jalebi is a new take on relationships and dating for the younger generation. The aim is to provide members with a trustworthy space to connect and have their voice heard.”

The Jalebi app is now available to download on IOS and Android!


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