Dhyan Foundation celebrates World Animal Day at its Shelter for Strays

 Dhyan Foundation celebrates World Animal Day at its Shelter for Strays

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On the occasion of World Animal Day, Dhyan Foundation under the guidance of Yogi Ashwini celebrated World Animal Day at their Shelter for Strays in Delhi, along with over 25 shelters across the nation. The NGO actively nursing and protecting animals has a wide network of 25+ shelters, 200 feeding points for dogs, monkey feeding drives in 5 cities, 75 dog shelters and 50 water feeders.
Delhi kickstarted the festivities at their Shelter for Strays in south Delhi’s Dera Mandi area.

Over 60 students of Bosco Public School (Paschim Vihar) from classes 11th and 12th visited the shelter to interact with furry friends. They learnt first-hand animal laws, how to interact with dogs, their needs, how to help them and dog adoption plans. There was also a short movie about animals and their current living conditions.

The students were sensitised about various animal issues and were encouraged to get involved in taking care of strays and getting them adopted. Adding elements of fun were prizes and certificates for the young adults. They are the future of the country and sensitising them towards animals is of utmost importance. The children were seen feeding and petting the dogs and many have pledged to create shelters for strays so that they don’t feel cold during the winter months and get many adopted in a forever home. That’s not all, Dhyan Foundation will also be issuing special certificates to all those children who help canines and other animals.

Dhyan Foundation also runs rescue and rehabilitation programmes, medical care, reflective collars, prosthetic limbs for the handicapped animals, plastic-removal surgeries, vaccination and sterilisation drives, 24-hour animal helpline and ambulance services catering to more than 16,000 animals including cows, bulls, camels, dogs, monkeys, cats, peacocks, horses, donkeys and birds.


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