How to add an artistic flare to your indoor and outdoor spaces with stone art

 How to add an artistic flare to your indoor and outdoor spaces with stone art

A classic fireplace to keep you warm and cosy in the winter can instantly brighten the space

Brijesh Bansal

Our homes are a reflection of our being. Therefore, it is imperative to beautify and decorate our homes in ways that reflect a part of us. Every space’s natural beauty can be accentuated by incorporating certain aesthetic elements. ‘Stone Art’, a designing brand, lets you explore that natural expression while beautifying your spaces in multiple ways. The brand’s philosophy works intricately with stones, marble, Moroccan ceramic, and other earthly materials producing a range of articles from fountains to wall hangings for every corner of your house.

Like other branches of art, stones and ceramics has its uniqueness and elements that it brings to the fore. Being one of the ancient techniques used in architecture and design, it holds a commanding position in modern times regarding styling for its unique intricate craftsmanship and versatility. Stones could be incorporated in various ways while styling one’s home or office.

To begin with, a classic white marble fountain to decorate your lush gardens. The majestic fountains carved in beautiful white marble and European statues can bring an unmatched look to your outdoor area. Along with this, intricately crafted and designed stone planters look regal and royal. This can add much character, heritage, and story to your space.

Architectural stoneworks like gates, arches, gazebos, jharokhas, signages, screens and jalis in stone and marble can instantly turn the space into a royal architecture of immense creativity, design, and texture. It’s a perfect link between history and modern times. These elements connect us to our royal past while looking forward to modernity and sensibility.

Looking inwards, there are innumerable ways to incorporate stones into the aesthetic designs of your home/office. From ancient monuments to modern mandirs, marble remains the favourite. The purity of white marble and the detailing makes it a mesmerising site.

Stone-wash basins can add a lot of depth to the bathroom space. Crafted in petrified woods, quartz value-added semi-precious stone adds beauty and aesthetics to the modern home.

Playing with the art of stone as an alternative to traditional wooden furniture, such as tables, is fascinating. Incorporating dining and coffee tables made of stone, and semi-precious stones can add a new layer of tonal modality to the overall space.

A classic fireplace to keep you warm and cosy in the winter can instantly brighten the space, bringing colonial architecture into the centre as a binding element. It creates both binary and harmony of the modern world with the colonial times.

A recent shift, especially since the pandemic, has been to add more natural elements into your space. Materials like wood, stone, ceramic, and green components are making a solid comeback. Planters can be introduced into the indoor space in various designs, shapes, sizes, and materials to incorporate natural green elements, which help soothe the mind and elevate the space.

Stone Art’s essence lies in the craftsmanship of designs and the versatility of their usage. The complementing aspects of stone with wood make it even more poignant for modern design and architecture. The durability of stone has endured the test of time. It can be creatively used in various ways, from planters to gates, to wall hangings, to coffee tables. The possibilities are immense. The clean canvas of the stone brings light, beauty, and purity to every space and corner.

Brijesh Bansal is Founder, Stone Art


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